Laplace has a history stretching back to 1976, when we sold instrumentation products to a variety of industries. Since then, we have expanded, through acquisitions, into offering control automation solutions, building and energy management systems and controls for the renewable energy sector.

Over the years our industry has progressed, energy costs have increased, and businesses are now looking for innovative solutions to help drive down running costs, reduce energy usage and improve the quality of their buildings.

Laplace takes an individual approach to each different business, allowing our experts to tailor the best and most viable solution for your business. Our experts will talk you through our proposed solution before developing a bespoke strategy that best suits your business.


Laplace are fully committed to providing consistent standards of excellence.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
IMS Policy

Corporate Social Responsibilty

Laplace are fully committed to reducing our operational impact on the environment.

Sustainable & Ethical Procurement
Anti-Slavery Policy
Equality Policy


Over 10 years zero harm to people, the community and to the environment

PPE Policy

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Get To Know Us


Iain Henderson


Laplace Solutions Group

“Founder of Laplace Solutions Group”

t: 0141 949 0000



Stephen Brown

Managing Director

Laplace Control Systems

“Industrial Automation Techi Guru”

t: 0141 949 0099



Steve Dew

Managing Director

Laplace Building Solutions (South) Ltd

“Southern Techi Guru”

t: 0118 984 1366



Ashita Patil

Sales Engineer

Laplace Buildng Solutions (South) Ltd

“Electrical Eningeering & Business Expert “

t: 0118 984 1366


Andy Marks

Managing Director

Laplace Building Solutions (South) Ltd

“Building Automation Expert”

t: 0118 984 1366